Profitability through Forms Automation

Do you have seven minutes to see how to improve the profitability of a complicated part of your business? What if you could do so for much less money than hiring more staff? What if you could do so for less money than paying for a custom website and social media campaign, but be able to process the increased business from them so efficiently that you keep more money per client than before?

Notice how the Net Income line crosses the Total Expenses line and rises faster after the adoption of software and then the addition of an associate. When the Total Expense line flattened, the Net Income started to track the revenue line. Call John Browning at 720-254-5732 to discuss how we can make that happen.


Thanks for visiting I struggled with telling an exciting story about forms automation and automated document assembly. Then I understood that software to automate forms for auto-fill could not possibly be very exciting. The excitement is in using my software to get you back to what you find exciting.

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  • Why struggle every time over how to fill out some complicated legal form or other complex regulatory compliance report.
  • Stop wondering whether filling it out could be delegated to someone else in your office at lower cost.
  • Do not frustrated with whether the report could ever be accurate when you know there is a better, more productive way.

Surely the photo of the romantic dinner caught your attention more than the one about meeting over a form? There just were not any exciting photos of people filling out forms.

Full Name Casual Name Date of Birth
George Brown Smith George 9/24/1975
James Brown Smith, Jr. Jimmy 2/15/1965
Mary Susan Smith Mary 3/9/1968

The sentence highlighted in yellow was produced from the table through forms automation. Their dates of birth could be added if needed.

What is your exciting stuff once we apply automated document assembly to your situation?

  • Want to get to your child’s soccer game on time?
  • Will you get to go fishing this weekend?
  • Like to relax in your business, or will you stay late unraveling the same old data for the same old report?

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Here are the technical details that make this automation work. Specifically, I use an add-in to Microsoft Word called “Doxserá DB”, from . Doxserá DB can access Excel spreadsheets, Access databases and SQL databases. With Doxserá DB, we can take the knowledge that is in your team and put it in your intelligent documents enabling automated document assembly. You can do fairly complex math in your forms, and format them to include different graphics as needed. “According to TheFormTool’s recent survey of American lawyers, … 56 percent of the documents they produce each month are repetitive documents where the structure and most of the text remains constant between uses, but where each use needs to be customized based on specific circumstances.“ Hopefully those are enough technical details for your understanding, and more than enough keywords so that this ranks high enough in SEO for you to get to see this.

Let’s get going on your time and cost savings. Call John Kirk Browning at 720-254-5732 or email me at .

Productive, and still Profitable

Whether you own a small business or manage a corporate department, do you have too much chaos in your area? Is that a chaos you know how to tame into systematic routine but don’t know how to make it work properly, every time, without you having to be present? Or do you have people who handle complicated reporting with excellence but you shudder to think what will happen if they leave? You know that profit comes from systems running the business, with typical people running the systems, but you want those systems to be designed to run your way. You want wisdom, experience and savvy in the “knowledge worker” parts of your business. You want to do that powerfully and as simply as possible.

If you need to be productive and able to put your business best smarts into forms being completed properly the first time, every time, you need document assembly. Document assembly enables the rapid creation of documents from component parts. It includes personalizing the document for the client or customer.

Document assembly would transform this document:

WILL OF __________________________

I, _________, also known as ______________, declare this to be my will.


I am married to ________. My [child now living is][children now living are] __________, born __________, and ____________, born ________.
My [deceased child was][deceased children were] ______ born ________, and ________, born ________.


We, ____________ and ___________, the witnesses, sign our names to this instrument and do hereby declare that [testator’s name] signs this instrument as [his][her] will and that [he][she] signs it willingly (or willingly directs another to sign for [him][her]) and that each of us, in the conscious presence of [testator’s name], hereby sign this will as witness to [his][her] signing.


Into this finished result:


I, John James Doe, also known as John J. Doe, declare this to be my will.


I am married to Joan Jett Doe. My children now living are Jacob George Doe, born September 1, 1979 and Joseph Garrett Doe, born February 19, 1982. My deceased child was Joan Jane Doe, born July 4, 1985.


We, Michael Mark Doe and Donald David Brown, the witnesses, sign our names to this instrument and do hereby declare that John James Doe signs this instrument as he will and that he signs it willingly (or willingly directs another to sign for him) and that each of us, in the conscious presence of John James Doe, hereby sign this will as witness to his signing.


Document assembly doesn’t apply only to legal documents. It can apply to any document that is complex and subject to error. According to a survey conducted by, 56% of the documents created in legal services are repetitive. Repetition and complexity are productivity opportunities in every businesses. Document assembly can dramatically reduce the costs of those documents.

Customers who use document assembly automation improve the productivity of their daily work flows by as much as 72%. Just imagine that after working feverishly to complete the document above for John James Doe you were really supposed to complete it for the spouse, Joan Jett Doe. Document assembly would allow you to make that correction quickly and accurately. Remember, you have to change the gender of all the pronouns.

With products from I can add intelligence to your forms, enabling them to be filled out the way you want. I can do that for you quickly without you having to take time away from your business to learn a new technology.

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